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From the new global business area architecture Nike recently announced, the Chinese market has become more important keywords. Nike announced March 20, the original four global service area to adjust the Nike brand into six regions. The original four business area for the United States region, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa region; six business area Adjusted for North America, Western Europe, Eastern Central Europe, Greater China, Japan region and emerging markets . Nike new "territory", the Greater China region to become a separate business area. Nike announc Retro jordans for sale ed Willem Haitink aspects former general manager of China as the Greater China region responsible person, the official liter level. Previously affiliated with Greater China Asia-Pacific region, after the adjustment, the Asia-Pacific region revoked, Greater China, responsible directly to the Nike headquarters, visible Nike's Asia-Pacific market, including China's favor. The new business area division helps Nike to achieve cuts of 4% target. Due to the impact of the international financial crisis, Nike March 18 released the 2009 fiscal third-quarter earnings report showed that Nike quarter sales revenu cheap jordans for sale e of $ 4.4 billion, down 2%. Asia Pacific sales grew 8% to $ 806 million. financial crisis this year, on February 10, Nike announced a wide range of internal restructuring, layoffs will reach a maximum of 4%, Nike currently employs worldwide around 35,000 employees. Adjust the Nike brand global business area, the United States and the Americas region merged into North America, the Asia-Pacific region revocation, the layoffs are part of Nike. : it is learnt that the outdoor sports industry has five categories: sports shoes, sportswear, sports bags, fitness, outdoor. Among them, sports shoes, sportsw cheap jordan shoes for men ear and sports bags belong to the standard, fitness, outdoor, inclusive of a variety of sports related products, non - standard products. On July 22nd, Taobao sports outdoor responsible person recently in the strategic conference revealed that the outdoor sports category will launch the "special products", the quality of the goods and the seller through various channels more appear in front of consumers. the person in charge of the outdoor sports industry standard products of the brand concentration is very high, Adidas, Nike, new balance, Lining, Anta and other mainstream sports brands accounted f Retro jordans for sale or most of the transactions. These channels clear merchandise is the whole industry, goods structure, located in the tip of Pyramid "good goods."". Taobao sports outdoor for these products will launch "superior product special", through Taobao model and channel analysis, these quality goods positioning. The products and their sellers will be displayed in a variety of traffic channels and marketing campaigns. Taobao explained: "this project is to have genuine demands of users more confidence in the purchase."." the person in charge said, for the delineation of the quality of genuine Taobao may l Cheap air jordan 12 ovo aunch a similar assured buy service, which is tailor-made for the superior seller. Taobao wants high-quality products to have explicit or implicit labels to help consumers make decisions." the Pyramid tower and sellers of goods, taobao.com also raised expectations for the future. The outdoor sports industry does exist users buy a lack of confidence, this is mainly due to Kentucky commodity dragons and fishes jumbled together. The future, hoping to lead the sale of fake businesses to sell genuine Road, or for transformation. At the same time, this part of the business is encouraged to provide specia cheap jordans for sale mens l services such as return and commitment to reduce consumer concerns." Taobao sports outdoor industry will be layered with different levels of goods to different buyers. For non-standard products, Taobao will be in various sectors to find intensive and meticulous farming, can provide good content and service businesses in the industry segments, then these products and businesses to recommend flow passage. (Editor: leaf)After the two wave of veiled spy photos, Nike Sportswear Air Foamposite One today launched a new Maroon color finally release a group of HD photos map. This section uses a quite sedu Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ctive magic red decoration the sign Foamposite shoes, and with black decorative details, equipped with rubber outsole presented last. item: 314996-601Price: nike-foamposite-one-maroon-gum.jpg (200.47 KB, download number: 4) download Nike Air Foamposite One Maroon figure beauty appreciation 2016-6-16 08:04 upload nike-foamposite-one-maroon-gum-2.jpg (217.37 KB, download number: 4) download Nike Air Foamposite One Maroon figure beauty appreciation 2016-6-16 08:03 upload nike-foamposite-one-maroon-gum-3.jpg (209.11 KB, download number: 5) download Nike Air Foamposite One Maroon figure b cheap foamposites eauty appreciation 2016-6-16 08:03 upload nike-foamposite-one-maroon-gum-1.jpg (233.54 KB, download number: 5) download Nike Air Foamposite One Maroon figure beauty appreciation 2016-6-16 08:03 upload nike-foamposite-one-maroon-gum-4.jpg (206.74 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Air Foamposite One Maroon figure beauty appreciation 2016-6-16 08:04 upload Mito, Nike 00and now, the news of his signing with Jordan Brand has been spread. Mike Conley has been a member of Adidas since the beginning of the new season. Until last year, when the contract expired, it entered the period of free "w cheap jordans online earing shoes". What he wore mostly were Under Armour sneakers. It can't help associating him with Under Armour. And now the news is a surprise, let's look forward to its version of the PE version of Jordan!NBA spread the curse of more than Blazers team doctor and Bangyan spell, such as last year the Rockets signed Marcus Camby is quite mysterious, and mold the Knicks transport with a conspiracy theory background. Special tips: cherish life, away from the snake master. rocket re signed veteran Marcus Camby, people worried about Asik is not to bid farewell to the, people speculate on Camby can play powe Cheap air jordans for sale r forward, and some extreme fans will exclaim: beware of Canby curse! Camby spell can refer to this article summary, simply said, Canby wherever will torrential rains so champion backoff, center teammate eclipsed. I have exam center Howard rockets signed Camby, someone can understand a superstition. Last year Marcus Camby himself had also because of the curse triggered a round little commotion: was in effect the Portland Trail Blazers hurt Marcus Camby admitted between players also talks and develop curse "-- another a wide spread of curse legends, caused by media reports eagerly. promote development curse of the usually the doom of the team traced back to Sam Bowie, also known as the clip between the Jordan and Olajuwon man -- and bill Walton, on exploring the causes of curse, attributed to Jordan, because the Blazers actually give up he chose the Bowie, but this is explained in Wharton's injury; some people think problem in Jack Ramsay, a bit far fetched, because prior to the early in the Ramsey from Portland, Walton has suffered the misfortune. Of course, taking into account the "Jack," the buffalo warriors curse rather Lingyan that team from buffalo to move to Los Angeles (yes, is the Clippers) or bad luck, can not be completely ruled out the possibility. Portland fans don't cry, you are not the worst. Cleveland is considered to be one of North America's most cursed Sports City, that Cleveland had repeatedly occurred misfortune in the eyes to a "the" XX of proper nouns, basketball field including known as "the shot" (apparently the nature of basketball fans in general and knight fans for the word opposite) and newly joined "the decision". Not only the knight unlucky, Cleveland team no in any major league won the trophy in the AFL and NFL merged, the super bowl before take the NFL Championship only football champion brown, so and Cleveland hatred can go to the following key words search: the catch, red right 88, the drive, the Fumble, the FSMs and package your revenge. Compared with the Blazers spell now only privately circulated, the curse of the Cleveland sports but openly in a variety of "Curse" list ranked in the high. visible, perhaps a bit superstitious hidden in the hearts of every person, although be careful not to lose about 7000000 yuan, but is also not what the big deal. Search sports curse, in Google, a variety of social media can get massive search results, many categories 〉

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